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Very many people today believe that there is something unusual and unique about the mirrors and that they are not just the innocent “things” we look at when we want to check out what our hairstyle is.

The use of mirrors (as well as all other smooth surfaces that possess the ability to reflect light) for magical purposes and for the purpose of prophesying and “seeing” past, present and future events, is almost as old as mankind, and exists in all epics and cultures, and large the number of folk traditions and so-called superstitions related to the mirrors and the happiness or misfortune that they can bring tells them that they occupy a special place in the collective consciousness of mankind.

Let us wonder why spells and people with extrasensory abilities, or people with increased energy, often avoid looking at the mirror …

Perhaps the baron, Dr. Carl Ludwig von Reichenbach (1788-1869, Germany) was right when he claimed that the reflection in the eye’s eye mirror (that energy from ancient times is called ‘from’) can cause serious harm to the health of that who sent them.

Still today many claim that the mirror is a reflection of not only visible reality but also invisible energy. Is that superstition?

Were our ancestors superstitious when wearing mirrored pendants to protect them from spells and eye-popping eyes? Similar beliefs have been preserved in the world and today. In Spanish villages, children are placed on their shoulders with a mirror. It is believed that they are repelled by envious and evil looks and return to the villains.

The deadly view of Medusa paralyzed and turned into the stone of anyone who was unconscious to look directly into his eyes. But Athena (goddess of wisdom) gave Persia a copper shield inspired by the mirror, and the hero was able to take off the monster’s head with reflection in it …


Cold and hot rays

But here are the questions: why the shield was just copper, not silver, say? And why did the Chinese put the brass mirrors in bed? Because of poverty? And does it matter where the material is made of a mirror?

Obviously there is. Today, we know that the mechanism of energy-reflecting energy (whether it is the energy of radio waves, visible light or X-rays) is in fact the same: by penetrating the substance, this energy generates complex emission processes – radiating its own particles. That’s exactly what we receive as a reflection.

However, the kind of secondary radiation that will be in the range depends to a great extent on the nature of this substance. Thus, there is an opinion that metals of warm shades (bronze, copper, brass, gold) absorb the “moonlight” (cold, depressing, Jing) energy considerably and nicely rearrange the “sunny” (warm, stimulating, Yang) energy.

This hypothesis fully fits in with contemporary knowledge: psychologists and physiologists know how beneficial they are to a person of ‘hot’ colors and how depressing those “cold” ones are. Perhaps fine energy that follows the deadly cold light of the moonlight on Earth and are the answer to one secret: why is the number of psychic disorders, unusual procedures, suicides and crime in a substantial increase while the moon is full …

And does he have the same capability of mirroring to absorb one kind of energy and to reflect a different kind, is it a strange advice? This advice was given by a renowned researcher of abnormal phenomena, the French scientist Camille Flamarion (1842-1925): “If you are afraid to watch ghosts, try to observe them through the mirror or any surface that reflects …”

Is that the design of special features of famous Venetian mirrors? The cause of their beneficial influence on mood and health was not clear for many years. They thought that the thing was in the mystery of the special glass discovered in 1516 by brothers Andrea and Domenico from the island of Murano, near Venice.

But they have recently discovered that Italian masters have added a little gold to the amalgam and that is why the reflection got a pleasant warm shade. Thus, it is not excluded that the health of Venetian mirror owners improves not only thanks to their aesthetic quality of reflection. It is quite possible that noble metal gives special properties to the invisible mirror-surface of the mirror and therefore more efficiently absorb negative energy flows and better reflect favorable.

It is not excluded that the golden cupolas of the churches have a similar function: thanks to the material and projection they radiate the ‘solar’ components of cosmic energy, which are obtained from the sky and thus enhance the space around the temple.

Invisible shield

Mirrors are often used for the defense of the so-called “energy draft” – too strong flow  of prana . Oriental specialists (Feng Shui) advise in these cases great caution: they can damage the tenant’s energy, destabilize and even cause the disease. Such fluids should be neutralized. That’s why the mirrors are used.

For example, if the energy that enters the house at the front door or the window gets “accelerated” along the long hallway and directs it directly to the small room at the top of the hall (kitchen, bathroom), then it is advised that the doors of this room on the outside put a mirror. In order to clog the strong energy flow from the road ending in front of the house, a mirror is also placed.

Sometimes we have heard of our old ones: ‘The mirror should be removed from the bedroom or will be painful to you.’ Maybe you should listen to this tip.

Mystics say that the mirror is able to reflect the dangerous energy of the so-called low astronaut, and if it is directed towards the bed, then these energies to which man is most sensitive in the dream, radiate into the mouth. If you do not have the ability to move a furniture or mirror, then it should be covered with some opaque overnight. This tradition exists in many countries and cultures.

But the mirror could easily be turned from enemies to protectors. They just have to turn their dark side to themselves. People have known it long ago.

Thus, in ancient times in China, a small (necessarily round) brass mirror was placed on a canopy above a bed or somewhere next to the bed. They thought the evil doughters, as they look in the mirror, scared and ran away. It seems that these beliefs are not at all naïve: today, experts know very well how some radio waves are sometimes suppressed when reflected signals are being met. It is quite possible that something similar happens with finer pathogenic energies (“bad guys”) when they meet with their own mirror on the surface of the mirror.

It is not excluded that the ancient Chinese custom to wear the mirror ‘against evil spirits’ on the chest, even back, has the same meaning.

Neutralizing mirror properties is useful in other cases as well. So in the East there is a tradition that people are surrounded by mirrors from the neighbors in whose homes an accident has occurred. Mirrors are also placed behind the windows to resist ‘bad’ energy from bad neighbors or from too close to harmful buildings: industrial facilities, cemeteries, hospitals …

In order to neutralize the adverse effect of large buildings, convex mirrors are used in which these buildings look in a distorted form and thus disperse bad energy.

Today many people already know about so-called geopathogenic zones, which are quite dangerous to the health of living beings. Often the underground energy flows (energy nodes) of very small surface – the size of the book, but are very concentrated. Therefore, it is important to arrange the furniture in the house so that the beds and other places for longer stay are not in dangerous zones. Unfortunately, in our small apartments this is not always possible. Then the mirror comes back to help.

Biolocation experts consider that enough mirror to be placed on the floor in the required place (for example, under the bed) with a glossy surface down, and significantly reduce or completely undermine the effect of negative radiation. It is also recommended that beds, chairs or armchairs are glued on the bottom surface of the aluminum foil crosspieces. Such a brilliant cross does not only absorb both energy, but thanks to its form, it is scattered and scattered. They say that as soon as you do it, your sleep improves, the irritability decreases.

Still, the mirror because of its ability to reflect not only neutralizes dangerous radiation from the depths of the Earth, but also refuses the beneficial energy that reaches us from the universe. Somehow self-renewal of the coming and rejected energy is coming. Have not they allowed the mirrors in the ancient times to turn the shining side up?

Useful tips

At all times, all peoples had a serious and most cautious relationship with mirrors. For example, in different countries, there was such a belief: a child who does not have to look in the mirror for a year or so will not be reflected in the mirror because otherwise he will experience a variety of misfortunes …

In Europe, it was considered to be particularly harmful to look at the mirror in the crescent or artificial illumination. In Sweden today, they believe that the girls who look in the candle-shaped candle will become unattractive.

In Germany, the history of the mirror has often been completely removed from home in the last months of pregnancy. Even today, there is a belief that as little as you can in the apartment you have great objects and surface for the look – the better for you.

It is not so rare to hear that women are older than men – because they are often looking into the mirror. Why this?

The aging effect can be explained by the position of modern bioenergy: the reflection of our energy in the mirror at the interference count partially neutralizes and as if it were a real ‘hole’ in our own field of the front (protective aura).

It turns out that the longer we have to admire ourselves in the mirror – the more we lose strength. A little closer to or beyond the mirror – and it begins to ‘eat’ our biopoly, in other words, absorbs our energy.

Also shamans, ghosts, and mystics often point out that you can not look long in the mirror of your own eyes – this results in a colossal loss of energy.

In the East, for example, they do not recommend that the mirror is set too low, so it ‘cuts’ the tip of the head to the lowest family member: otherwise his energy will be weakened, he will suffer from headaches. For the same reason, the mirrors are not placed too high.

In Russia, there was always a cautious attitude toward mirrors. Tradition has defended that women look in the mirrors during the ‘unclean’ period – menstruation, pregnancy, and some time after childbirth. The Old Russian brothers did not even allow a mirror in the house. They considered that this “diabolical gift” not only could infect “bad” energy, but also transfer it to other people. Ivan Grozny simply required that mirrors for his 8th wife, Mary Feodorovna Nagay, be made by blind masters – scared by a spell that could pass over the mirror.

As physicists have pointed out, the optical surface and the best mirror not only provide a reflection but also partially absorb, which means that it empowers the energy that radiates, whether good or bad. The esotericists claim that information, which the mirror has memorized, can radiate and act on our subconscious. Perhaps for this reason it was always considered a bad sign to break the old family mirror because it, as an old family member, helped everybody homeless with their good, family radiation …

Mirrors – our connection with “onostranim”

An unusual event was played in France in 1997. If something like that happened 500 years ago, at the time of the fierce wartime struggle, it might be understandable, but the story takes place in the century known as the most rational of all, with – at least in the most developed countries of the West – the acceptance of so-called scientific views to the world and to computing with the previous superstition.

And yet, the French Antiques Marketers’ Association turned to journalists, wishing to warn collectors not to buy a mirror with the inscription “Louis Arpo 1743” (in the name of the master who made it for the year in question). They said that this mirror had killed more than 38 people during their existence and that it was their duty to warn any prospective owner of the threat they were facing.


Mirror “killer”

This association decided to address the media when it was discovered that the mirror had disappeared from the police depot in which it was guarded since 1910 after it caused the death of two people. Someone entered the warehouse and took some items, including the “killer” mirror.

“We assume that the thief will try to sell it and that’s why we want to warn all potential buyers of the threat they are facing,” said a spokesman for the association and explained that the mirror was known for causing brain bleeding in people who looked at him!

Some have attempted to explain this phenomenon scientifically, arguing that this is the specific way in which the light beams are repelled from its surface, but the majority involved in this case remained convinced that this was because the mirror could somehow preserve of all these several hundred years of negative energy by killing people.

Portals for entry into other dimensions

The power of mirrors to discover what has been hidden has been known since ancient times.

“Watching” in the mirror (or any other smooth surface reflecting light) was used by the ancient Egyptians, Arabs, Persians, Greeks and Romans for the purpose of prophecy. In ancient Greece, by this skill, the most prominent are the prophets from Tesla who had their predictions printed on human blood on the mirror, and they are believed to have taught the famous Pythagoras to look into the future using the mirror of the moonlight on the magical mirror.

In Rome, people skilled in “reading” from the mirrors called speculations and were very sought after, because there were many who wanted to look at their future, get answers to questions and solutions to their problems.

In medieval Europe, not the mirrors, water bowls were painted inside the black paint (and the famous Nostradamus was given a vision by one such vessel).

John Dee, British magician Queen Elizabeth I, used a crystal egg and a mirror of a black opsonite, which is now exhibited at the British Museum in London.

French Queen Catherine Medici often consulted his magical mirror that allowed her to see future events, and that was what Father Cotton, King Henry IV’s confessor did. Johannes Hartlieb, a physician from several Bavarian kings, claimed that there are people who are in a state of “preparing” the mirror so that anyone who looks at him gets an answer to his question.

By popular beliefs, mirrors were attributed both to positive and negative powers. They were considered to be able to steal a man’s soul, and one of the most widespread customs is that in the case of someone’s death in the deceased’s home, they cover all the mirrors so that the soul of the deceased does not seem to be self-retained and thus remains trapped between the two worlds and very many people believes that if someone sees his reflection in the mirror in the room where someone died, it means that he will soon experience the same destiny.

Also, “the mirror should be removed from the patient’s room because the soul at a time of illness is much more vulnerable and more susceptible to the influence of evil forces. Breaking the mirror is a bad sign and will bring 7 years of accident, but it is even more dangerous to look at it at night in the light of the candle, because then spirits from another world can be thrown through it. ”

One of the feng shui techniques recommended after visiting an “unpleasant” guest is that a flame candle passes in front of the mirror and so removes the negative energy he has brought into the house.

Presentation or not

One of the frequent scenes in horror movies is that some of the heroes look in the mirror and see a completely unknown character on it. Sometimes they happen to see an entity’s “one side” reflection beside their character, and some see themselves, but with fewer or more changed faces.

Since such things do not only occur in movies but in real life, many have tried to explain this phenomenon by proclaiming it to ordinary optical illusion, while others thought it was most likely to be some kind of serious psychological disorder.

Italian psychologist Giovanni Caputo recently tried to reach a definite answer to this question and organized a study involving 50 volunteers.

By his assumption, in order to see the “other” face of the mirror, it is necessary to observe himself for ten minutes in a dimly lit room (he used a 25-lamp bulb set behind the back of the experiment participant).

After 10 minutes of viewing in the mirror, participants were asked to write what they saw.

Of the 50 participants, 66 percent stated that they saw great changes on their face, and 18 percent had the face of their mother or father (eight of which were alive and 10 percent late) with somewhat changed lines, 28 percent have seen a totally unknown person, 18 percent an animal (cat, pig and lion), and 48 percent a fantastic or monstrous being.

The emotional reactions of the experiment participants were even more interesting. Nearly half said that the appearance of an unknown person in the mirror was accompanied by the feeling that the person was looking at them inside or outside the mirror, some considered that he “looked at them” with the threatening expression of the face that caused them to hurt them; stated that the expression of his man was inadmissible, and there were those who considered him encouraging.

If they saw the face of the late family member, they felt they wanted to ask questions, and the monstrous and fantastic creatures in all those who saw them caused fear and even horror.

Explanation of the experiment manager, Giovanni Caputa, for all of these effects is that it is possible that these are the visual “distortions” that come from the fact that our senses try again and again to recognize the same image, which ultimately results in mistakes in its interpretation.

What’s the truth, nobody knows …

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Very many people today believe that there is something unusual and unique about the mirrors and that they are not just the innocent 'things' we look at when we want to check out what our hairstyle is. The use of mirrors (as well as all other smooth surfaces that possess...